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In just one hour, XpertOpinion’s top-notch experts can offer valuable insights to elevate your projects and decisions. Covering both traditional and innovative domains within organizations, they provide a fresh perspective and helpful second opinions.

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1hour 1-on-1 online conversation
225 Ex. VAT
  • 20€ reduction all bookings until 30/1/2024
  • Select expert of choice
  • 1hour online conversation


1h 1-on-1 ONLINE &
1H Preparation
345 Ex. VAT
  • 30€ reduction all bookings until 30/1/2024
  • Everything of PRIME
  • 1h of preparation by expert


1h with team &
1H Preparation
395 Ex. VAT
  • 30€ reduction all bookings until 30/1/2024
  • Everything of PRO
  • Videocall with entire team

How does IT work?

The process in 3 simple steps

Step 1


Choose from a wide range of experts at a fixed price, pay online and receive an invoice

Step 2

Explain your Challenges And Objectives

Provide your information as a pre-read (PRO and PRO+) that kick-starts the context for the expert .  In Prime a brief context can be provided

Step 3

Engage in a video call with the expert

Confirm Your Booking. Receive a link to join your video Call and upon the agreed time the discussion will take place.


No history

Having no history can be very refreshing.  An external challenge on the WHY and WHAT can bring new insights or confirm the thinking prior that the HOW begins. Secondly the start of a project often signals a communication. An external opinion can challenge the simplicity and save valuable time.


Decisions and projects can have substantial financial and organizational consequences. Engaging an expert for insights, confirmation, or challenges is a sound investment.  A small change, something extra or simply concerns will improve the decision undoubtly.


XpertOpinion’s xperts possess extensive experience in context switching. Their diverse backgrounds enable them to quickly offer alternative and innovative ideas during scoping or solutioning processes.


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