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xpert maarten verschuere

Maarten Verschuere

Xpertt in AI and emerging technologies

Maarten Verschuere is an emerging technology leader and speaker who inspires and enables corporates to surf on new waves of technological enhancement. He has worked as an analytical consultant in retail and FMCG for clients including Tesco and P&G while living in London, Paris and Cincinnati. In 2016, he founded Clever, an AI-driven platform for conversational search which was sold to Zoovu Ltd. in 2019. With his mission to create a better tomorrow by helping companies transform enabled by AI and Web3 technologies, Maarten Verschuere is a great expert to provide a second opinion on how companies can leverage these technologies to transform their businesses. His experience in the industry and his passion for emerging technologies make him an ideal candidate for providing insights into how companies can use AI and Web3 technologies to create a better future.

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