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Stéphane zw

Stephane Jacobs

Stephane Jacobs is a freelance mobility consultant and fin-tech entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Transport Economics from the University of Antwerp. He has co-founded several innovative ventures in the fields of mobile parking, electronic meal vouchers, city gift cards and ship-to-shore facilities. He has also been managing director of Mobile-for, an affiliated company of Proximus and leading mobility service provider that offers traffic management and mobile payment solutions for the European market. Before that, he was senior manager at IBM Global Business Services and PWC, where he helped policy and decision makers with strategic decisions in various domains such as business strategy, performance improvement and investment analysis. He has extensive expertise in the public sector, public enterprises and ports, maritime and logistics sectors. Today, he is active as an external advisor of the Flemish Government regarding the transition towards zero emission transportation. Recently, he advised Mastercard regarding their in-car commerce strategy and Parking Brussels regarding their control processes. As an expert, he can provide a good second opinion on any mobility or fin-tech related cases.

His most important expertise, specializations and interests are related to:
• Business Strategy development and Implementation assistance;
• ICT-Strategy development and assistance;
• Audit of public and semi public organizations;
• Performance improvement;
• Process- and programme assistance;
• Investment analysis and socio-economic evaluation of huge investment projects;
• Public and private policy development and -evaluation;
• Preparation of alternative financing solutions;
• Location advise.
His market segment expertise is:
• The public sector domain (Benelux, Flemish and federal government);
• Public enterprises in transition;
• Ports, maritime and logistics sector.

Specialties: Transport & (e)Mobility, Mobile Payments & Fin-Tech start-ups


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