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Tim Groenwals

CISO , ICT & Transformation Xpert

If you are looking for a second opinion on your IT challenges, you need someone who has the experience, the vision, and the passion to help you succeed. You need Tim Groenwals.

Tim is a seasoned senior leader in cybersecurity, IT strategy, technology innovation & digital transformation. He has a 25-year track record of senior roles for major national organisations such as Agfa, bPost and SNCB/NMBS.

Tim has the insight and direction to align technology, IT architectures and solutions with business needs, create business value, and optimise existing processes. His extensive knowledge about information security and cybersecurity, he can easily pinpoint gaps in your cyberstrategy, and give very practical tips to enhance your cyber resilience and exposure. He has proven his ability to partner with corporate leaders to identify and promote best practices at all levels. He has consistently demonstrated excellence as the champion of transformative initiatives to raise the standard for performance, quality, and efficiency at all levels of IT management and delivery. He has been repeatedly entrusted with transformative digital IT programs.

Tim is not only an expert, but also a leader, a coach, and a motivator. He is the ideal person to provide you with a second opinion that will make a difference. Contact him today.


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