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Wouter Trappers

Wouter Trappers is a Data Value Business Partner with more than 15 years of experience in Data and Analytics. He helps business leaders to create more value from their data as a Fractional CDAO. He is also the founder of Xudo.

Wouter Trappers’ vision is that every organization needs data professionals at its core to launch the business into the future.

Data usage increases across all organization domains

  • ICT:
    • Data strategy and organization , Data and analytics in digital transformation , Data architecture services , Business intelligence tools and selection , Data management
  • Finance:
    • KPI framework and reporting, Financial reporting tools, Data aspects of business controlling, Financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, Business case modeling
  • People:
    • Change management in data projects, Talent reporting tools and setup
  • Sales:
    • Funnel analysis and forecasting, Sales reporting tools and setup
  • Technology:
    • Cloud-based data tools, AI in business intelligence

A Data Consultant who understands the strategy and direction of the business, and whose focus it is to use data to get there.  Aligning business intelligence processes with financial and business processes, implementation projects of corporate performance management software Bright Analytics and business intelligence software QlikSense

Wouter Trappers is a great expert to provide a second opinion because he has extensive experience in data and analytics and has helped business leaders create more value from their data, which makes him an ideal candidate for providing an xpert opinion.


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