the expertopinion JOURNEY

step 1

Select and book an Xpert via ‘Select & Book’ button on

step 2

Ask AI for the Xpert you’re looking for by typing a question or request.

 Alternative is to search and select via the specific Xpert domain.

step 3

Select the preferred Xpert based on his/her profile by clicking on the Xpert picture.

Scrolls-down on the Xpert profile and selects Xpert domain.

step 4 : Booking

The booking of an Xpert consist of 5 steps:
1. Selection of the service;
2. Selection of a Timeslot;
3. Providing of information under NDA;
4. On-line Payment;
5. Delivery of invoice and email with Video link and agenda invite.

step 5

You receive an email and a calender invite with video link details and the invoice

step 6 : the call

Both you and Xpert access the video call via the provided link in the calender invite.  

Besides a chat and share function, the session can be recorded also a white board is available, pictures or files can be shared via this medium during the session.

First time:  enter the room some minutes before