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Gino Geysermans

Gino Geysermans is a sales expert with over 20 years of experience in different sales and management roles. He has led both sales and pre-sales teams primarily in Large Enterprise. Experience matter expert in integrating sales teams post acquisition,steering teams through times of change and sales enablement. He is human-oriented and contagious in his enthusiasm. He tends to bring out the best in people and make teams perform above expectation. He believes in strengthening the stronger skills than focus on the less developed ones.


He is open-minded, discreet and professional which makes it easy for him to win over people. Establishing trustworthy and sustainable relations, both with colleagues and customers is second nature.

Being a translator his communication skills help to build bridges and clearly communicate. His ability to empathize with people and his overall interest in different cultures have often made it easy for him to mediate and anticipate.


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