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Guy De Poortere

Xpert in Procurement and facility Services

Guy De Poortere is a great expert to provide a second opinion based on his experience in Operations, Procurement, Supply chain and Finance. He has more than 20 years of experience within global companies and multicultural teams by working and living abroad. He is a driver of change and process improvements, being progressive & analytical. He inspires, motivates and develops organizations through people empowerment and innovation. He has strong communication skills and solid financial experience and compliance management. He always looks to create value for the customer and to increase shareholders’ value. He has worked as VP Purchasing at Proximus, Domo Chemicals, Alcoa1.

Based on his experience, Guy De Poortere has proven successes in managing complex organizations and leading change. He has strong expertise in Operations, Procurement, Supply chain and Finance which makes him an expert in providing a second opinion.


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