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Jan Colpaert

Jan Colpaert's vast experience and skill set make him the ideal expert for a second opinion. As a marketing and retail director, he boasts a proven track record in fast-moving consumer goods and fashion/apparel industries. His expertise in brand strategy, data-driven marketing, and retail marketing showcases his mastery of the field.

Jan's international experience in fast-paced environments has refined his ability to adapt and excel under pressure. A results-driven strategist, his 'out of the box' thinking speaks to his creativity and innovation.

Jan's dynamic leadership and ability to inspire teams set him apart. Specializing in global brand stewardship, advertising, communications, brand positioning, digital marketing, store concepts, retail marketing, team building, and change management, his expertise is unparalleled.

Trust Jan Colpaert for insightful guidance and unmatched support. Be inspired by his passion and expertise, and watch your business flourish under his expert guidance. Seek no further than Jan Colpaert for a unique perspective and innovative solutions.


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