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Michel De Coster

Michel De Coster is a seasoned executive, executive coach, and board member with extensive experience working in the Information and Communications Industry. With a Master's degree in Political and Social Sciences from VUB.

Michel has a demonstrated history of working with various boards and providing refreshing ideas and second opinions to help organizations achieve their goals. He has held executive roles at BT, SFR, Colt, and Belgacom, where he successfully led the development and implementation of corporate strategies and sales divisions.

Michel's no-nonsense approach to business makes him an ideal candidate for organizations seeking expert guidance in leadership development and sales strategy. His vast experience in the industry, combined with his ability to provide valuable insights and recommendations, has made him a trusted advisor to many organizations.

Michel's expertise in board advisory, corporate strategy, leadership development, sales strategy, and sales objectives, coupled with his exceptional communication and broad hands-on experiences, make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to enhance its business operations and achieve sustainable growth.

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