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Dirk Debraekeleer

Dirk Debraekeleer is a seasoned leader who can help you take your organization and your people to the next level.

He has a wealth of experience in different industries, such as business-to-business, technology, ICT and media. He has been the CEO of Mediagenix, a leading software provider for media companies, and the CCO of RealDolmen, a major ICT integrator. He knows how to create sustainable value by building the right business-critical foundations. He can provide you with a second opinion on your strategy, vision and culture, and help you align them with your goals and values.

Dirk Debraekeleer is also a mentor who can guide you and your teams in your growth journey. He can inspire you to develop your leadership skills and potential, and to foster collaboration and innovation. If you are looking for an expert who can challenge you and support you in your transformation, Dirk Debraekeleer is the one you need.


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